Who are we?

BehaviorHelp is a holistic approach to meet the needs of children who experience challenging behaviors with collaborating partners from DCCECE, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), and Arkansas State University Childhood Services.

The Benefits of BehaviorHelp:
  • Support healthy child social and emotional development
  • Create consistency of care for the child
  • Provide tools, skills and ongoing support to childcare providers and parents/guardians to manage challenging behavior
  • Reduce suspensions and expulsions of young children

Why work to reduce suspensions and expulsions? When children are suspended or expelled, nobody benefits. Parents miss work and providers lose income. Suspension and expulsion increase children's risk for long-term problems such as school failure, school dropout, substance abuse and involvement with the juvenile justice system.

What can I expect from BehaviorHelp? A BehaviorHelp team member will make visits to your program to help you develop and implement a plan to support the child and reduce the challenging behavior in the classroom. Depending on the behaviors and situation, one the following teams of Early Childhood providers will offer support.

  • Arkansas Department of Humans Services: Specialists will share information and resources with the provider and/or parents for behaviors that may be addressed with minimal guidance.
  • Arkansas State University Childhood Services: Developmental and social-emotional experts will provide short term technical assistance to support the classroom, teacher, and environment to reduce behavior concerns.
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Project PLAY: Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants will use an individualized approach to address challenging behaviors that may be accompanied by a history of trauma or multi-system involvement.