Who are we?

Take action steps to prevent expulsion and suspension in early education and child care! Children expelled in early years are more likely to fail in school later. Research identifies two things that help prevent expulsion: teacher training and child mental health consultation. The Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education actively funds these supports on your behalf. By working together, we can have lifelong positive effects on the children we serve! Our helpful staff will connect you with support services.

Depending on your case, we will connect you with one or more of the following:

  • Targeted courses: Research-based classes to address the needs of your staff and the child. Courses are registry-accredited.
  • Technical assistance: A qualified child care expert will visit your program. They observe the child and can help you optimize the classroom environment to make life easier for you and the child.
  • Child mental health consultation: A mental health consultant will observe the child in the program and help staff and parents develop routines to settle the child. A consultant may refer the child for developmental testing or connect the family with community resources.